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Remy Human Hair Extensions

Virgin Remy Human Hair Extensions or Raw/Unprocessed Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are a great way to add length and volume to your hairstyle. There are various kinds of hair extensions available online. They are of different types, lengths, weaves, and qualities. South Indian Virgin Remy human hair is the highest quality extensions as they’re made from virgin human hair. Virgin hair refers to the type of hair that has not been colored, permed, or artificially styled. Therefore, this kind of hair extension gives you the most natural look.

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Remy hair extensions are made from 100% pure natural hair, which still has the cuticles intact and in same direction. The hair extensions are sewed using a three headed weft machine. This kind of weave gives Virgin Remy hair bundles a natural look and feel. Plus, these extensions can be styled just like your natural hair.

How to put in Virgin Remy hair extensions?

There are different kinds of Virgin Remy human hair extensions based on how they are attached to the head. The extensions can be taped, glued, bonded, or clipped-on. The most convenient choice would be clip-on hair extensions. The steps to attach the hair extensions are:

  • 1Thoroughly brush your hair to remove all the tangles
  • 2Finger comb your hair and separate a thin section of your hair from top to neck. Attach a bundle of Virgin Remy human hair.
  • 3Separate a section of hair at the middle of your head and attach the next clip
  • 4Repeat the process till you’ve attached the extensions all over
  • 5Check to see if the clips are attached securely and if you have an even look on both sides
  • 6Backcomb your hair to ensure that the clips are securely in place

Types of Remy Hair Extensions

Virgin Remy human hair extensions are available in a range of colors, weaves, lengths, and thicknesses. You can choose a color closest to your natural hair color. Choose the length and thickness depending on whether you want to add volume to your hair or increase its length.

Why Tirumala Hair for Remy Hair Extensions?

Juttu Extensions by TirumalaHair has been in this industry for more than two decades. All the Virgin Remy human hair wigs and Virgin Remy human hair extensions we offer are made from natural hair sourced from the famous temples in South India, especially from the TirumalaTirupati temple. In many of the temples in South India, devotees tonsure their heads as an offering. So, the collected hair is closest to the growing area and contains cuticles. The hair extensions that we offer are 100% chemical-free and are virgin hair that is untreated by hair colorings. We buy natural human hair from the temples and wash them using herbal products. The hair is then segregated and created into Virgin Remy hair bundles. So, you can be assured of the quality of the hair extensions we offer.

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The type of human hair that has all the cuticles aligned in one direction. This type of hair is soft, smooth in texture and manageable. This is the best quality hair choice for clip-in extensions and wigs for their natural and beautiful appearance.

Remy hair extensions are sourced from human hair donors. From texture to length, everything is sorted and then made into clip-in extensions and wigs. Because remy hair is nothing but natural hair, it gives the best results when chosen for hair extensions.

You can buy remy hair extensions according to the hair texture, color and length from Juttu Hair Extensions by Tirumala Hair. We provide the highest quality product that truly matches your style and personality.

First, decide the specific location on your head where you want the clip-in remy extension to be. Next, fix the extension clip close to the roots of your hair. Make sure that it is pressed properly. Finally, let your natural hair fall over the top of the extension, concealing it.