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Best Weave Hair Extensions

What are Weave Hair Extensions?

The trending weave hair extensions are typically the actual hair strands that are collected from a single donor weaved into a piece of bundle. The procedure involves thorough quality checks, extensive cleaning, and high-level sanitization to ensure that the extension is safe and suitable for use.

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The purpose of adding a hair extension is to enhance your volume and to bring completeness to the look. There are different types of weave hair extensions available at our online shop; so, feel free to choose the satisfactory one that you and your personality will desire!

Here’s How to Put In Your Hair Extension

Well, you might be a first-timer to this exciting approach of adding hair extensions. But we are here to assist you. For a quick briefing:

  • 11. First, choose your desired hair extension from our Virgin Remy/Raw collections. Make sure to go for the ones that exactly match your hair’s curl form, length, and color.
  • 22. Then, choose between temporary and permanent weave hair extension models. The difference is simple - the temporary hair extension version will be detachable quite often, while the permanent models get clipped to each of your hair strands, lasting for many months.
  • 33. Then, select how you want your extension to be added to your present hair. It can be sewed, bonded, or clipped to your original hair. Our experts will fully help you during this step.

And Voila! Your new weave hair extension is ready to turn heads.

Proper Hair Extensions Based on Hair Type

What’s more? Our portal also showcases the best prodcuts at great prices that you can avail. And the best part is, all our weave hair extensions will go well with your attire!

Avail Top-Rated Collections on Weave Hair Extensions

Only premium quality hair extensions can give that look you need. Saying that Juttu Extension’s weave hair collections are top-rated in the aspects of:






But, in case, if you have some special preference in your mind, do let us know. Our expert team is happy to offer some personalized options based on your choices. Regardless of what your needs are, rest assured our results will make you feel great from the inside.

Why Opt for Tirumala Hair for Weave Hair Extensions?

Most of the hair extensions available in the market use heavy amounts of chemicals and byproducts or silicon coating to achieve that silky shine, we go for natural* products. But do not underestimate our quality, as we utilize only the goodness of South Indian hair; since we prioritize the quality of our product (s) over anything else, you won’t be experiencing the frequent concerns of hair shedding and/or premature replacements.

Also, in comparison to other vibrant hair extension names that you may find online, ours is purely safety-centric. Therefore, it will give you the best value for money, post your shopping.

So, interested to embellish yourself with an iconic weave hair extension? Do fill out your order form on the contact page.


A weave is braided hair that is sewn with hair wefts to produce desired hairstyles. So all weaves are a type of hair extension where the entire hair is braided and sewn with extensions from one end to the other.

  • Hair weaves require low maintenance.
  • Weaves protect your natural hair.
  • They allow you to style your hair differently.

Because weave hair extensions

  • Allow your natural hair to take a break from all types of styling and chemical products.
  • Weaves are great when it comes to covering hair loss and bald spots.
  • Provides instant thick, voluminous and stylish hair solution.

Juttu Hair Extensions has the top-rated weave hair extension collections for every hair need. We deliver highly durable, soft and smooth weave hair extensions.

Use mild shampoo and conditioner to wash your weave hair extensions. Make sure you wash the hair leaving the knot or the weft area. Air-dry the weave and then use a wide-tooth comb gently to remove any tangles.